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Product of Exacta(Italy):


Linking Machine for the shoulder(Master Overlock)

Linking Machine for the body side (Yeda)

Hooked Needle Linking Machine, garment is linked from the right side (Formula 1)

Hooked Needle Linking Machine, garments is linked from the reverse side (MAXI)

Linking Machine for closed round necks (SFERA)

Linking Machine for fully fashioned knitted outerwear

Linking Machine for socks of all gauges (SPRINT)

Linking Machine for tubular trims (YPSILON)

Linking Machine with inside needle (ULTRAVISION)

Linking Machine with outside needle (VISION)

Linking Machine with well-proven feeding system & automatic insertion of trimming (QUASAR)
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Computerized Flat Knitting Machines and Related Products


Seamless & Circular Knitting and Related Products


Dyeing & Finishing Equipment and Related Products


Yarn & Yarn Processing Equipment


ERP/IT Automation for Textile






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